MICROTEST was founded in 2017, headquartered in nanjing, jiangsu province, the company focused on the microwave and the field of semiconductor devices, provide the best for the semiconductor test system integration solutions and technical support services. MIROTEST is MPI in Taiwan in mainland China authorized agents, to provide all kinds of efficient and its accessories such as manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic prober testing equipment, at the same time provide device based on chip wafer test integration solutions, and for the customer to develop automatic test software.

MICROTEST is a professional semiconductor testing technology services company, is committed to creating value for customers, to provide the most efficient and the most advanced semiconductor test solution as own duty, integrating global resources, power semiconductor research and development and application of advanced technology.

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Phone:13728761743 Tel:025-52767811 Email:xch@m-test.cn Add:Jiangning district, nanjing city dongshan street guangxing garden, 126 new pavilion road 2 108 (Gao Xinyuan)