TS150 THZ Manual Probe Systems

The MPI TS150-THZ is designed for mechanical stability. It works without chuck elevation at frequencies higher that G band (220GHz) and shares the same unique concept of stage and probe platen lift like all MPI Manual TS150, TS200, and TS300 probe systems.

MPI-AST-V20-001TS150-THZ  Fact Sheet

MPI-AST-V20-001TS150-THZ  Data Sheet

MPI-AST-V20-001Simplifying the Art of Terahertz Measurements

Features & Benefits

TS150-THZ_Air-bearing stage

Air-bearing stage

The MPI air-bearing stage design, with simple single-handed puck control, provides unsurpassed convenience of operation for fast XY navigation and quick wafer loading without compromising accurate and fine positioning capability with the additional fine and accurate 25x25mm XY-Theta micrometer movement.

Unique platen lift
with Probe Hover Control™

The highly repeatable (1µm) platen lift design with three discrete positions for contact, separation (300µm), and loading (3mm) with a safety lock utility are all examples of unparalleled functionality incorporated into MPI TS150-THZ manual probe system. These features prevent….

Chuck Z adjustment

TS150-THZ has 10mm fine chuck Z adjustment, designed to be flexible in the integration of different frequency extenders, like from Rohde & Schwarz, VDI or OML. Extremely beneficial for set-ups using several bended solutions on the same probe system – for easy and fast reset-up.

Multiple configurations of MicroPositioners

The dedicated and extremely rigid probe platen design accommodates two bold-down MP80 large area MicroPositioners in east-west configuration. Four port RF measurements or DC biasing is easy possible by having two North and South “bridges” as a standard configuration.


Another MPI pioneering solution on the market – the unique MP80-DX with easy and precise definition down to 1µm of Δl – is the ideal choice for accurate and cost-effective multiline TRL – the only RF calibration method in the mmW and sub-THz range. For more details, visit MPI QAlibria®software.


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Various chuck options

The TS150-THZ is available with various chuck options to meet different budgets and application requirements such as MPI’s:…

Various optic options

A dedicated MPI Optics are available with a choice between a single tube MPI SuperZoom SZ10 or the MegaZoom MZ12 with up to 12x optical zoom and more than 45 mm working distance…